The Status of Woman In Islam -- المرأة في الإسلام ---English -- part 1       DERECHOS DEL HOMBRE EN EL ISLAM-- حقوق الإنسان في الإسلام --- باللغة الأسبانية       حقيقة عيسى عليه السلام ( THE TRUTH ABOUT JESUS )       ISLAM IN BRIEF       In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful       ISLAMIC CONCEPT OF LIFE    

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  • The Status of Woman In Islam -- المرأة في الإسلام ---English -- part 1
  • DERECHOS DEL HOMBRE EN EL ISLAM-- حقوق الإنسان في الإسلام --- باللغة الأسبانية
  • حقيقة عيسى عليه السلام ( THE TRUTH ABOUT JESUS )
  • In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

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    The Status of Woman In Islam



    Dr. Jamal A. Badawi





    The status of women in society is neither a new issue nor is it a fully settled one.

    The position of Islam on this issue has been among the subjects presented to the Western reader with the least objectivity.

    This paper is intended to provide a brief and authen­tic exposition of what Islam stands for in this regard. The teachings of Islam are based essentially on the Qur'an (God's revelation) and Hadeeth (elaborations by Prophet Muhammad).

    The Qur'an and the Hadeeth, properly and unhiasedly understood, provide the basic source of authentication for any position or view which is attributed to Islam.

    The paper starts with a brief survey of the status of women in the pre-Islamic era. It then focuses on these major questions:


    What is the position of Islam regarding the status of woman in society? How similar or different is that position from "the spirit of the time," which was dominant when Islam was revealed? How would this compare with the "rights" which were finally gained by woman in recent decades?


    by: Saifu Eddin Sahin


    Alabado sea Dios, Senor de los Mundos, y la paz y las bendiciones sean con el Profeta, el Enviado comoClemencia para la humanidad.

    Con bastante frecuencia se habla actualmente acerca de los derechos del hombre. Ello es consecuencia de los terribles sucesos que durante los ultimos siglos ban venido afectando a la humanidad: guerras, revolucionessangrientas y rebeliones que ban causado la muerte de un sinffn de personas en todas partes del mundo.

    En 1.948 se promulga la Declaracion Universal de los Derechos Humanos para reivindicar los principios delibertad, justicia e igualdad entre toda la humanidad, principios ideales que fueron aceptados y firmados por lamayoria de los Estados participantes en la Asamblea General de las Naciones Unidas.

    El Islam se anticipo en su reconocimiento de los derechos contemplados en dicha declaracion, y de otrosmuchos que fueron promulgados hace mas de catorce siglos.

    El Hombre se asombra de como la humanidad, fuera del mundo islamico, ha sido capaz de sobrevivir durante catorce siglos sin aprovechar los derechos concedidos por la legislacion islamica a todos los seres humanos


    ^^^^.... يتبع النص...




    BY Dr. Maneh Hammad Al-Johani





    The controversy about the personality of Jesus Christ is the major difference between Islam and Christianity. This difference keeps the followers of the two religions apart. Muslims look at Jesus Christ as a great Prophet of God and love and respect him as much as they love and respect Abraham, Moses and Muhammad. Christians on the other hand consider Jesus as God or son of God, a concept that Muslims cannot accept. Islam teaches that Jesus never made such a claim for himself. As a matter of fact all the cardinal doctrines of Christianity that are rejected by
    Islam center around the personality of Jesus. Specifically these are

    Who Is Allah?

    Allah is the proper name applied to the only true God Who exists necessarily by Himself, comprising all the excellent Divine names and attributes of perfection. Allah is One and Unique; He has no partner or equal.


    Muhammad,sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam, (peace and blessings
    of Allah be upon him) has been the subject of various stud­ies. Every aspect of his life has been fully dealt with, providing complete guidance to all mankind. It is a blessing from Allah, the Almighty, that every now and then many learned scholars, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, are encouraged to write about Muham­mad - his personality, his deeds and teachings. With the vast and varied literature about him, every
    rational-thinking man realizes Allah's Word in the Holy Qur'an that he is His universal Messenger to all man­kind (38:28).
    Many scholars have written very impressive comments regarding Prophet Muhammad.saiiaiiaanu 'alayhi wa saiiam. I dicfnot cite any of them. I merely quoted some verses of the Holy Qur'an about him as my main reference, because, I believe the Glorious Qur'an speaks for itself.

    نظام الحياة في الإسلام

    Part I

    The chief characteristic of the Islamic Concept of Life is that it
    does not admit a conflict, nay, not even a significant separation between life-spiritual and life-mundane. It does not confine itself merely in purifying the spiritual and the moral life of man in the limited sense of the word. Its domain extends to the entire gamut of life. It wants to mould individual life as well as the social order in healthy patterns, so that the Kingdom of God may really be established on the earth and so that peace, contentment and well-being may fill the world as waters fill the oceans. The Islamic Way of Life is based on this unique approach to life and a peculiar
    concept of man's place in the Universe. That is why it is necessary that before we proceed to discuss the moral, social, political and economic systems of Islam, we should have a clear idea of the Islamic Concept of Life.

    There are certain basic postulates which should be understood and appreciated at the very outset. These postulates are as follows:
    1. Allah Who is the Creator, the Ruler and the Lord of the entire Universe has created man and provided him with temporary station in that part of His vast kingdom (cosmos) which is known as the earth. He has endowed man with the faculties of thinking and understanding, and has given him the power to distinguish right from wrong. Man has also been invested with
    freedom of will and choice and the power to use the resources of the world in any manner he likes. In short, man has been given a sort of autonomy while being appointed by God on earth as a successor to the beings that had previously populated it.
    2. Before assigning to man the inheritance of the earth, God made it explicitly clear to him that He alone is the Lord, the Ruler and the Deity. As such, the entire Universe and

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